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Netagrow's data-driven insights turn farms into a new type of business, one that's predictable, scalable and profitable.

Agritech for the Digital Age

Netagrow provides farmers with a wide range of services. We offer data analytics and visualisation, weather and crop forecasts, remote monitoring for farms, and other useful services. Netagrow also has an IoT-based NDVI system to efficiently manage large farms with many acres of land.

#1 Feature

Harness the power of satellite images.

Get insights from high-resolution satellite images to make better use of your land, so you can grow more with less.

#2 Feature

Predict and Prevent crop failures.

Save time, money, and stress with Netagrow. We use machine learning to detect pests, prevent diseases, and optimise your farm for the circumstances. You'll never have to worry about crop failure again.

#3 Feature

Keep your soil productive and profitable

With Netagrow, you have access to the best agricultural data to keep your soil healthy, productive, and profitable. You will know what decisions to make on a daily basis to preserve your investment in your farm.

Grow. Predict. Prosper

Leave the housework to us.


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This is a no-brainier if you want to take your business to the next level. If you are looking for the ultimate tool set, this is it!.

- Anna Jenkins

Amazed by great results!

Thanks for creating this service. My company operations are so organised now. Thanks for making such a great product.

- Danny Lores


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There's no better time to take control of your farms. With Netagrow's powerful tools you'll only need to turn farms into a new type of business, one that's predictable, scalable and profitable.

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