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Real-Time Field Monitoring from Anywhere, Anytime


Bespoke Machine Learning models for Precision Weather Analytics for Smarter Decisions


Recommendations and alerts delivered via dashboard, SMS, email. Live & historical data.


Intelligent automation with Specific tasks delivered


At Netagrow Technologies, we strive to continuously innovate and enhance our all-in-one solution for crop growing to address the evolving demands of our farmers.

Fields management

Gain quick insights into the weather and tasks associated with your fields, allowing you to monitor and manage your crops from anywhere.

Predictive Analysis

Partnered with the world's leading weather servers to provide extremely precise weather information for each field, enabling you to make smarter decisions.

Streamlined Crop Management

Monitor your plans and add notes for yourself or to share with others, streamlining the crop management process with digital solutions.

Sell Directly to customers

With our online store, you can sell your produce directly to customers, cutting out the middleman and maximizing profits.

Expense and Income Tracking

Track your expenses and income with ease, organizing them into categories and keeping your business on track.

Fast, Reliable Farm Produce Delivery

Streamlines farm produce delivery, allowing you to focus on producing high-quality produce and enhancing your reputation as a reliable vendor.


Empowering farmers for a sustainable future

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Why Choose Us

Netagrow Technologies is an award winning startup in the agriculture industry, offering an innovative all-in-one solution for crop growing. By leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence and IoT, we help farmers make smarter decisions about their farms, optimize their operations, and increase their productivity and profitability.

Improved productivity & profitability

 Increase in crop production and yield, leading to higher profits and more efficient operations.

Real-time data Insights

Real-time data and recommendations on how to optimize farming practices to make informed decisions.

Disease & pest management

 Identify and manage pests and diseases at a larger scale to prevent crop failures.

Sustainable agriculture

 Improve the sustainability of operations and contribute to a more sustainable ecosystem.

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Client Testimonials

"Since implementing Netagrow's smart agricultural monitoring system on our farm, we have seen a significant increase in crop yield and a decrease in pests and diseases. The real-time data and recommendations provided by the system have been invaluable in optimizing our farming practices. We highly recommend Netagrow to any farmer looking to improve their productivity and profitability."
Mary, small-scale farmer
"As a trader in the produce industry, the Integrated Produce Industry Solution provided by Netagrow has greatly improved our efficiency and profitability. The platform's integrated inventory management system and powerful reporting dashboard have helped us streamline our operations and make informed decisions. The use of machine learning and blockchain technology has also added an extra level of transparency and security to our supply chain. We highly recommend Netagrow to any trader in the produce industry."
Tom, produce trader
"Neta Bot has been a game changer for our farm. The device tracks vital data such as soil moisture, pH, and nitrogen levels, which has helped us proactively monitor the health of our soil and prevent nutrient deficiencies or crop failures. The real-time data and alerts provided by Neta Bot have been invaluable in managing our crops and optimizing our farming practices. We highly recommend Netagrow to any farmer looking to improve the health of their soil and increase their crop yield."
John, medium-scale farmer

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