Our Products

The Netagrow Group brings together the best of its two subsidiaries Netabot and Netakit Sensors. We provide turnkey solutions from design and manufacture of all sensors through to cutting edge dashboard technologies and insights. Formed in 2019 and headquartered in Lusaka (Zambia) our mission is to make farms visible and predictable. We empower farmers with a simple, affordable turnkey solution that de-risks their operations and extracts more value from crops. We inform them about the right time to harvest and related logistics, predict diseases, improve yields, automate farm tasks based on real-time crop needs. For the first time we enable post-harvest players to access realtime farm data and predictions. This disrupts how agriculture is done today and creates an opportunity for stakeholders to develop new business models and solutions. By sharing predictions, we’re also increasing food shelf-life and quality while reducing global food waste.

  • Forecasts and customised crop and variety specific models and algorithms are available for a number of soft fruits. Saving on inputs, reducing disease, increasing yields and improving fruit quality..
  • Netagrow has a suite of decision support tools specifically for Top Fruit growers. Connecting pre and post harvest conditions for greater efficiency within the food supply chain.

Forecast frost and other environmental conditions accurately to improve crop security and yields for your vineyards. Connect pre and post harvest activities and create a more efficient growing experience.

Innovations for decision making.

More Benefits

  • Predict & Plan Harvesting
  • Reduce Input Costs
  • Improve Yield
  • Predict & Plan Logistics
  • Farm Automation

We support sustainable agriculture and food production. The Netagrow's Ladybird decreases inputs and reduces CO2 emissions.